Sunday, April 26, 2009


Thanks to Mimi for the super cute hair bow which Bella is so attached to, she has to sleep in as well. The dress was made by mommy--I just love it! This picture embodies my michievious Bella. She's never drawn with markers before but clearly she recognizes their power.

Bella's breakfast. A chocolate bunny.

At Grandma's.

Bella decorated her tummy with stickers and was so proud of herself.

Only later did we learn that she has a tape allergy on the sensative areas of her skin. She actually ended up with a rash and blisters--a perfect outline of each sticker. As long as the stickers are on her hands, she's fine. She just can't have them on sensative areas.

Bath Time

I knew I would know it when I saw it

This little guy was helping me with laundry this morning. Isn't he so sweet?

So, I didn't see it, but when I was looking for embroidery designs, I found the perfect little set for the nursery. For the bedding, I decided on this little woodland forest theme with cutesy hedgehogs, squirrels, mushroom, trees, acrons, and leaves.

The patterns are applique, so I'm going to use brown corduroys and fabrics, but hints of bright green, orange, and turqouise. The bumper will be all white with just the appliques and the bedskirt will be this perfectly simple light brown/dark beige fabric with white polka-dots. Here are a fabrics I found myself buying lately and realized they all have a common theme--which lead to the design. I love the touch of red in the tiny little mushroom!

This was actually my favorite fabric. It'll coordinate SO well with the bright green chairs (assuming we get the house and they still leave the furniture for us). It'll be a lap blanket and/or a throw pillow on the chair.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uno Mas

I just found this set that I think will be super cute in a vintagey nursery. The colors are nice and subtle, but I like all the patterns. I could easily change out the sheets to add more color if I get the whim. Of course, Target is completely sold out of it. Even Amazon sold out!

Bella's Bedroom

I have a secret that I'll let you in long as you promise to keep it on the down low (I'm not quite ready to tell Abel).

I plan on painting Bella's room turquoise. **shhhh!**

Don't worry, I plan on doing it after we move! Abel isn't quite as color-savy as I am, so he might freak just a little when he finds out. I have to ease him into it. Color swatches. A queen-sized quilt that would coordinate perfectly with turqouise walls. The ususal.

And because I'm such a visual person and I know you are too (otherwise you wouldn't stick around through the millions of pictures I post), here's what I mean by "turquoise"...

And maybe I'll accidentally grab 5 gallons too many and just need to paint the sewing room/guest room/office the same color. It would be a shame to waste such a pretty color.

I'm also playing around with the quilt I'm going to make for Bella. At first I thought of something like this:

But then I realized red wouldn't go with it all that well and you have to admit that red goes with turquoise just as well as pink. So I think I've settled on the "Oh Cherry Oh" line and make a quilt similar to this one:

It's perfect because it includes turquoise, green, pink, and red. Now I just have to figure out how big to make the quilt--whether it should be a true queen size or smaller so that it's easier for Bella to make her bed (since the mattress will be boardered on one side by the wall and the other by the roof of her bed/playhouse, you'll never notice and it may be too hard to mess with anyway).

Don't the colors just make you want to play? If I could find a good color combinatino which would make Bella want to clean, I'd be all set!

Reality Check

So I discovered the bedding that I like is called Alphabet Soup from Pottery Barn. And the set is... $700!!! I have excellent taste.

I'm considering this set as an alternative. I love the colors but was *almost* hoping for something even more neutral. Then I'm torn about whether this set will grow with him. I'd like for him to use the set for two years.

It's almost a little too busy, is my only issue with it. Otherwise, I love the prints. Decisions decisions.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mexican Dresses

As sad as this sounds, I've been wanting a cute little (big) Mexican dress like the one Selma Hayek wore in Fools Rush In since I was pregnant with Bella. Those dresses are somewhat unflattering, but are PERFECT for maternity dress. Oddly enough, I can't find them locally. I could go to the boarder, but isn't not very safe anymore. (There aren't any pictures of it online...I guess I'm the only weirdo who finds it super cute.)

Anyway, I found this pattern online and I want to try my hand at making one. Sounds easy enough. I'll just use my embroidery machine to do the embroidery, but I'm thinking I will have to do it before it put everything together.

I'll post when it's done. I may have to just pick one up when we go to Texas!

I also found this beautiful shawl that I think I'll make eventually as well. I LOVE it but I wonder how often I'll wear it. I need to try my hand at making this shrug as well (since maternity clothes have mostly spaghetti straps).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gifts from Mimi and Papa

(This may be a LITTLE picture heavy, but I couldn't cut any of the really needed to get a sense of the joy.) She had so much fun opening her present from Mimi and Papa in Texas. It's so fun to see her this age and really getting into it and recognizing what each thing was. She especially loved her hair ties (which I didn't take a picture of because I found them after I double-checked the box) and she asked me to put it in her hair so she could be "pretty". She also tore right into her stickers--she LOVES stickers. I'm hooking her up with her purse so she can take it to dinner tonight and it'll keep her busy. Something to put her crayons in. :o)

Thank you so much Mimi and Papa! Our gift was so generous and she had so much fun opening everything.

Oops. I have to run...Gunner is eating the plastic Easter