Monday, May 25, 2009

Moving and Class Photos

We started packing which of course is never fun. And it's very evident that if Abel and I worked for a moving company, we'd both be fired. Me, for packing too many small things in a large box making it too heavy. Abel, for taking too many breaks.

Bella is starting to realize her toys are disappearing and she have been walking around the house with an arm full of toys. When we go places, she drags several with her and crys if we make her leave them in the car. It'll be like Christmas for her when we start unpacking (in like three weeks!!).

Here is Bella's class picture. Look how small she is compared to everyone else in her class. The age range is from 2-3, so she should be about the middle of the class but she's definitely the smallest. What a terrible picture--don't the teachers look like they've had a rough day? Picture day can never be fun...

This is the best picture she's taken for school pictures. She looks so old! I'm a little disappointed that they didn't put her bow back in her hair after they brushed it. Look how cute her little teeth are (don't put your fingers in there!).

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Minky Blankie

Bella suddenly became attached to a small minky receiving blanket. She can't sleep without it. But the problem is, it's much too small for her. It can only cover up her tummy, so I worry about her little tootsies (which look delicious to Gunner).

So as a surprise, I made her a new minky blankie. I picked out the cutest "big girl" polka-dotted bright orange fabric to go with the super-soft white minky. When I proudly showed her, she declared that "it's baby's blankie". And I can't seem to convince her otherwise. Abel seems to think she'll grow to love it over time, she just needs more bonding time with it. Her old blankie was always her safe haven when she had to go to bed. This one (hopefully) will be her haven as well...hopefully.

So her old blankie will stay at school for naptime at least for now (and sadly replace the cute cot quilt I made her a year and a half ago when she graduated from the crib to a cot at daycare--but the cot quilt can be passed down to Noah). Her old blankie certainly needs to be washed because it gets dragged everywhere but she doesn't seem to mind. That's part of what makes that blankie her favorite blankie.

(The picture doesn't quite capture the right color--it's in a color palate the equivalent of fushia pink.)

27 Weeks

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Babyshower Fun

I was invited to a babyshower this weekend and made a nursing blanket with a weighted corner (so that you could throw the weighted corner over your shoulder and it won't fall off) as well as some booties. I LOVE the fabric for the booties so much that I made a pair for Noah. Cute huh?

The mom-to-be just LOVED the stuff and thought that I should open my own store. I'm glad she appreciated the work!