Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Mom Needs Hobby

Abel stopped working overtime and could help out with Belly a little more so I could pick up my hobby (or one of my hobbies anyway). Being a mom makes you feel domestic! I made Belly a new dress (turquoise eyelet...so beautiful!), some soft-soled shoes (for my soon-to-be crawler), and a new burp cloth. The burp cloth has turtles on it...her favorite! I put polka-dot ribbon on the edges to make it a little more feminine and to finish it off a little nicer.

Not that Belly needed any new clothing items, but I love making things for her. They're just so tiny and I love seeing her in new clothes. It's sad knowing that she can only wear them for a few months at a time. So, I made the dress with ribbons that tie on the shoulders so that when she outgrows the dress, she can wear it like a shirt.