Friday, November 27, 2009

Its Christmas Time

We're working on decorating our house for Christmas and it's taking some time. (Eventually we'll clear off the extension cords from the mantle and hang the garland.) We quickly learned that our Christmas tree is miniscule compared to our house. Once we clear out the remaining boxes, I'll take a picture so you can see it compared to the rest of the house!

Abel loves Christmas dearly, so its taking some work to hold him back. Although I'd like to do a Santa train, waterfall and pond, deer drinking from the pond, and lamp posts which point to the North Pole, unfortunately we need things like drills and light fixtures more so we'll have to tame things down this year. Maybe just the lamp posts and icicle lights (a hand-me-down of course).

And this is our Nativity set that we bought from Costco. I fell in love with a different one last year, but we have so much stuff to buy for the house, this one will do the job just as well as any other. I'm not sure if the baby Jesus should go on the bar, but this was the only counterspace we have that can fit the set. We need to get an end table to something...

Here's our bedroom...still pending the accent wall.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laundry Day

Its refreshing to find that Noah loves doing the laundry as much as I do.

He started crying the moment I started sorting laundry and he was so traumatized by the experience that I had to feed him when we were finished in order to calm him down. I guess he won't be helping in the future. Maybe laundry, like rice cereal, is an acquired taste.

Or then again, maybe not.

Friday, November 20, 2009

One Tuckered Baby

Noah's had a tiring day of hourly bottles, rolling over, and laughing. He's trying to acquire a taste for rice cereal but it's taking some time. Maybe he'll like bananas better, but that's for another week.

Rest up, little man. It's a big world out there.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Under the Weather

The roses are from our yard...and they certainly have a LOT of thorns! Also note Noah's highchair (it's hard to see in the back). We can't wait until he's able to join us at the table.

I know our kitchen is ugly, but I have to say that I've really gotten used to it. It's so much bigger than our condo so I'm certainly loving it.

Bella's room in the works. We've actually already finished scraping the ceiling.

This is the hole Abel cut in the crawlspace of the server room while we were redoing the cable.

The fireplace is two-sided. Noah is temporarily staying in the room on the other side (you can see his crib if you look closely) but that room will eventually be the library/office.

No, it's not cold outside (at least not very), but I'm feeling a little under the weather. Stuffy nose, fatigue, sore throat, cough...not good. So I started up the fireplace and reheated some of the stew I made this weekend.

The star on the fireplace mantle was huge in our condo. This fireplace dwarfs it!

Ignore the boxes. We'll finish unpacking eventually.

Sunday Ritual

Sunday afternoons as of late have been filled with baking. We have started a new cooking ritual with the kids. And yes, even Gunner joins in the fun.

Bella counts Noah's rolls.

Noah really wants a brownie.

Love to Noah


Here are our little Raggedy Ann and Andy. Bella had a great time trick-or-treating. She never quite got around to saying "trick-or-treat", she just knocked on the door and said "please".