Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Photo shoot

In about three weeks our Christmas baby will be turning four. I can't believe time has flown by so quickly (and I only have two weeks to finish shopping!). Since our goal this year is to get our Christmas cards out before February (hey, better late then never), we decided to do a photoshoot this weekend for Bella's 4th birthday (so you'll see more photos of her by herself) and Christmas. Maybe I'll even order cards tomorrow...well, maybe.

We couldn't get many good photos of them together, but bare with me because I didn't have a favorite (I'm pretty biased...they're all so cute). In looking through the photos, she just looks so old. Four years old looks so much like a kid and we're not ready for that.

In case you were wondering what's on Bella's Christmas list this year (now that she's much more vocal), for months she has been telling us that she is asking Santa for a kitty (even to the point where she says "this is the dress I'm going to wear on my birthday when I get my kitty"), but today told us "I'm not asking Santa for a kitty, I want a hippo." We negotiated it down to a "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" game which she actually seemed rather excited about.

Here's our Saturday in photos. (And yes, I'll be posting photos of Noah's baptism and Thanksgiving soon...there were SO many to go through thanks to our substitute photographer, Mark).

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bella's First Haircut

Today I took Bella some place extra-girly--a small children's hair salon in Carlsbad. Although it was 17 miles from here, it was well worth the drive especially for her first haircut. The shop was filled with feather boas, pink frilly dresses, and bows. Perfect for a little girl who aspires to be a Disney princess (we're hoping she grows out of that). (They have video games, space shuttles, and race cars for the boys as well so this may be a fun place for Noah when he gets a little older.)

After her hair appointment (that sounds so grown-up), we went shopping in the little boutique. Bella was allowed to pick one item off the sale rack piece of clothing--she picked the frilliest skirt she could find--a pink tulle tutu with bows and glitter.

We went to lunch at a cute sushi place (and yes, she loves chicken teriyaki) and then took pictures of her new haircut.

(As an aside, after seeing how the indoor photos came out, I think a new flash is slowly making its way to the top of our Christmas list.)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Noah's First Haircut

We decided to take Noah to an old fashioned barbershop for his first visit. Meet Andy. He's been in this location since 1953 and he certainly knows how to cut hair (though I'm betting his dad owned this shop before he did!).

There's a bar next door to Andy's Barbershop and all of the bikers were trying to talk Noah out of getting his haircut. Noah's a good boy, though, and listened to Mommy and Daddy. After all, his cute baby curls were turning into a mullet!

Noah loved Andy and his parrot, Black Jack. Noah was very patient as Andy trimmed off his mullet baby curls but the clippers were another story. Fortunately, after Abel's haircut, Noah let Andy finish trimming it up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bates Nut Farm

In keeping with tradition, we took the kids to Bates Nut Farm to pick a pumpkin and take photos in their Halloween costumes. Bella wanted to be a princess but she has SO many princess dresses, I wanted to make her something a little different. (If you're wondering why her costume looks a little plain, she was put in charge of putting her tiara and shoes in the car but forgot so instead of looking like a princess, she just looked over-dressed.) I don't think I'm done with her costume, though. Abel suggested I make her a sash--which I think is an excellent idea.

Noah, our little Frog Prince, was much more cooperative in his costume than Bella was at his age. I kept it simple for him but I find his costume pretty funny. He just started talking and his first word was "wow". He loves going places (probably because he stays at home with the Nanny all day) so when we get out of the car he's always pointing at things and saying "wow".

He now calls for his blanket ("bebeeeee") and, since he loves dogs, he says "puppy" (he also called his horse "puppy"). Of course he's starting to say "mommy" and "daddy" though he's not very consistent.

I haven't been posting as many pictures of the kids, so I wanted to share a collage of our trip today. They loved everything--from the pumpkins (Bella thought the white pumpkins were pretty funny), petting zoo, and horse rids--they had a great day.