Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday Plans

We're going to the zoo tomorrow and someone special needed an outfit for the occasion. This extra-sleepy panda was just looking for a warm place to lay his head. Won't he and Bella have the best adventures and naps (...hopefully) together?

It looks great from a distance, but please don't look at it up close! I wanted to make a stencil using freezer paper, but I've gone to four stores and can't find any (just an FYI, freezer paper has wax on one side while wax paper has it on both). So I had to make the stencil on wax paper and just hold it in place as opposed to ironing. Then, I realized that I'm not sure where my paint brushes are...they must be packed away in a box somewhere. So I had to use a popcicle stick and a toothpick to fill in the stencil. Anyway, please don't enlarge the picture! :o)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Little Cherub

I wish the tu-tu wasn't quite to sheer. There's actually eight layers--it's just really light. I went for the softest (least itchy) tulle, so I think that's what made it so sheer. When she gets older and can put up with a little more for the sake of fashion I'll go for a heavier tulle. I thought she would look kind of innocent without a top, but with the sheeriness of the skirt and the sandals (she couldn't go without since the ground was a little rugged) kind of took away from the full effect. I think she'll wear a top with it when we take pictures...maybe.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Few Pictures from Last Weekend

Bella enjoying cupcakes.

In her new undies. So cute :o) I feel a little mean now taking pictures of Bella while she's standing there crying (don't ask why, I don't really remember...sometimes it's just the smallest thing). I just thought we have so many cute pictures of her laughing and having fun--even the cries won't last forever. I gave her lots of cuddles afterwards.

Embroidery Creations

I just realized I hadn't really posted any of my embroidery creations lately. Mostly because they are gifts and I wouldn't want the receiver to see what it is before they open it!

Anyway, we have a bridal shower coming up at work for a girl I used to be really close now (unfortunately part of being a supervisor means enforcing rules and some people have a hard time separating work from sad). Anyway, I bought her the Betty Crocker Bridal Edition cookbook. It looks amazing. I think everyone (but me) owns a Betty Crocker Cookbook. I'm going to flip through her book a little (very carefully) to see if I can't convince myself to go ahead and buy one.

I wanted to get her something else that was a little more personal. I really wanted to monogram cloth napkins for her. Unfortunately, I'm pretty picky (well, fortunately for you, if you are the gift receiver) and I wanted cloth linen-type napkins but the only white napkins Bed Bath and Beyond had were girly silk ones. Sure, they had linen napkins, but they were colored. I might just get the colors, but I don't know what color to get (the light blue was pretty tempting). She didn't register for china or crystal or any tableware for that matter, so I'm already going out on a limb with the napkin idea.

Since I couldn't find what I wanted, I bought a kitchen towel off her registry and monogrammed it. I may take a trip to Wal-Mart or Target to see if I can still find the napkins I'm looking for. Otherwise, I think I'm okay with her gift but I'm not certain. I'm having such a hard time with the gift just knowing how close we used to be and I feel like the gift sets a precident--are we still good friends or are we not. But in all honesty, I wasn't invited to the wedding, so I think that kind of says something. (She was tight on her guest list, so I can't really hold it against her).

I also made this hat for Bella for daycare. It's hard to read because of the picture, but the writing says "A friendly day indeed" and has a little bee on the back. It's a little gender-neutral but I thought the little embroidered trim added a little frilliness without going overboard. After all, this is going to double as a tool to carry dirt (like her other hats).

The Sweetest Little Tu-Tu

Or should this be titled the Smallest Tu-Tu Ever?

A little birdie told me Bella needed a tu-tu. A tu-tu? Are you sure? She's not even in dance (...yet). So I whipped this little tu-tu up and can't help but think--isn't this the sweetest little tu-tu you've ever seen? So fluffy (and hopefully not itchy). Looks so heavenly. Hopefully Bella won't start ripping off the ribbons (I know her a little too well). I'm thinking I need to put a stitch in the bow. Maybe tomorrow night...

I need to get her a little onesie. I'm playing around with different ideas. I've been wanting to try freezer paper steciling. Of course I could always embroider it, but isn't that too easy? (Well, given my luck trying to master embroidering on towels, it might not be. But that's a different story.) Wouldn't the words "Bella Fleur" be so sweet across a soft pink onesie. (Just an FYI, "Fleur" means "flower" in French). Almost sweet enough for this tu-tu.

So scrumptous! I can't wait for her to try it on!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bella's Vocab

Everyone keeps asking what Bella is saying now (probably because only I can understand :o) ) so I thought I'd come up with a list to share. I'm sure I'll have to come back and edit it later to add more--it's so hard to remember everything! I put her pronunciation in parenthesis:

Elvis (Elllllbiiiii)
Woof woof
Potty (pommy)
Balloon (boon)
More (mo)
Night-night (niiii niiii)
Sit (which comes out REALLY wrong since she says her S's with an "sh")