Monday, May 26, 2008

The Evolution of Things

It's amazing how things evolve. This weekend I went to a few garage sales looking for some climbing toys for Bella. The only think I found (and ended up buying) was a workshop (the size of play kitchens) with shutters and a plantar box (and obviously a drop light, hammer, wrench)..and it was only $5! I brought it home and cleaned it up before she woke up. When she came into the living room, she screamed. She loved opened and shutting the shutters and putting her baby in the planter box...and hammering on everything with the hammer. Anyway, that got me to thinking that we should build her an indoor play area when we build her a bed (since we know we're going to have to do that soon since she can climb all the way up the changing table and dangles her feet off).

So I had an idea in mind (thanks to my good friend) to build her a playhouse with a bed on top, slide, and stairs. Maybe later we can add some of the climbing rocks (from the indoor rock walls) and a rope climbing net. I knew I wanted dutch doors...and the more I thought about it, the more Abel said I needed to draw this out myself. :o)

Then I happened across this site:

Abel doesn't want it painted quite so girly and I want the bed on top with the play area on bottom (we'l move her crib mattress to the bottom until she's a little older...then she can graduate to upstairs. I want drawers in the steps (for games and toys)with shelves on the side of the stairs. I also want it to have a dutch door and a small "mouse hole" that goes out under the slide along with a PVC "phone" that goes from the playhouse to the loft. And what playhouse is complete without a constellation ceiling? Inside, I also want to put in bookshelves, a toybox/window seat, a dropdown table (like that are in campers), and a chalkboard.

Where we're at right now, it's going to be EXTREMELY tight on space...but it's her play area and bed all in one so she wouldn't need anything (other than her dresser and armoire ofcourse--we can't get by without clothes!). Anyway, we're planning on moving this winter so that should help A LOT with the space-issue. Why not wait until we move? Well, this is going to take Abel several months to complete I'm thinking it might not actually be completed until we move. If it's done before then, we'll probably move it in anyway. :o) How FUN!

Are there any features we've left off?