Saturday, April 10, 2010

Afternoon Snack

Some people might run and grab their baby, but not in our house. We make sure we document these moments. I mean, when he's 25 and we're telling his girlfriend not to worry about her cooking skills because he used to eat dog food, won't she want to see pictures? Really, we're doing a favor for his future wife.

Presidio Park

These days Noah seems a little more portable so he tends to come with me more often. (Plus, Abel prefers to keep Bella since she's potty trained.) After taking Abel's dad to the air port, I stopped by Presidio Park--something I'd been wanting to do since we first came to San Diego. The park highlights a beautiful Mormon mission--it's actually a San Diego landmark since you can see it from the highway. It's only taken four and a half years figure out how to get to it.

In case you were wondering, Noah was sitting in a wine press from the 1700's. Pretty crazy, huh? It's in amazing condition considering it's two and a half centuries old!

I'll take more pictures of Bella soon--she's had a 3 year monopoly on here, so I think she can share a little with her new bro.