Friday, October 29, 2010

Bella's First Haircut

Today I took Bella some place extra-girly--a small children's hair salon in Carlsbad. Although it was 17 miles from here, it was well worth the drive especially for her first haircut. The shop was filled with feather boas, pink frilly dresses, and bows. Perfect for a little girl who aspires to be a Disney princess (we're hoping she grows out of that). (They have video games, space shuttles, and race cars for the boys as well so this may be a fun place for Noah when he gets a little older.)

After her hair appointment (that sounds so grown-up), we went shopping in the little boutique. Bella was allowed to pick one item off the sale rack piece of clothing--she picked the frilliest skirt she could find--a pink tulle tutu with bows and glitter.

We went to lunch at a cute sushi place (and yes, she loves chicken teriyaki) and then took pictures of her new haircut.

(As an aside, after seeing how the indoor photos came out, I think a new flash is slowly making its way to the top of our Christmas list.)

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