Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wanted: One Doll Bed

Bella just loves babies. When I pick her up from daycare, we can't leave without visiting the infant room (she was there not too long ago). At home, she will wrap her babies up in blankets, rock, and pat (or hit) them. If she can't find a baby or blanket, she's quite the little cub scout and will make do with what she can find--a lotion bottle and washcloth are a satisfactory substitute.

Anyway, I've been thinking she probably needs a doll bed. I started looking on ebay and fell in love with this antique one:

Well, the starting bid is over $60 with shipping, so I don't love everything about it. Because I'm cheap, I've added this to Abel's "to do" list. And a small doll quilt to mine. We have to be fair, right?

And just so I don't forget, the dimensions are: 28" long x 22" high x 16" wide. It's definitely bigger than most doll beds (standard doll bed size is 20" or smaller), but I think the extra size is kind of nice. After all, what doll would want to sleep by themselves?

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