Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I sent my swap package today!

So my swap partner FINALLY responded so I sent her package off today. It's sad, but I almost don't want to do it again just because I had such a bad experience with it. I mean, why wouldn't someone respond back when you asked for her children's ages so you can compile gifts that were age-appropriate? Does that even make sense? She responded back...this morning! I was supposed to have her package in the mail yesterday and she just now tells me her kids ages. ::sigh:: The thing is, I know she posted on the forum, so she just chose not to respond to me--it wasn't that she didn't see that I wrote to her.

Maybe I'll try it again with someone else. It's just disappointing because I put some much time into her package for her just to not respond until the day after I was supposed to mail her package.

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