Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Sweat Shop

So call me addicted. Really. This is it. No more. Bella now has a total of 5 pairs of lounge (t-shirt) pants. The ones I made today weren't as cute as the Freebirds pants I made yesterday, but these I just didn't have as much to work with. Today's shirts were all freebies so I was stuck working around advertisements (aka walking billboards). I'm disappointed in the blue shirt--I didn't realize when I was cutting out each side that the words across the top wouldn't line up right (to be honest, I didn't really notice that each side had a word across the top, otherwise I would have paid more attention). These are just for wearing around the house and sleeping in (and our trip of course) because they are ultra comfy but not all that great looking--maybe good for school where all of her clothes get stained (who feeds kids spaghetti and fruit punch with their clothes on?!)

Is anyone else amazed that I could make 4 pairs of pants after work while taking care of a toddler (walking tornado) and making dinner? I love my new machine. I decided to keep my old machiene because it's trusty and will be great for Bella to play with. She already shows an interest in sewing (or rather, pulling out all my pins and drawing on fabric--that's close, right?)

To prove I have been making something cute lately, I also took some pictures of some corduroy pants and a kimono-style top and a hat (of course) that I made on Saturday. (All of the fabric except for the hat I bought at thrift stores this weekend--I'll post pictures of my finds later. The hat fabric I found at Walmart for $1/yard. Steal!)

The main shirt fabric was actually a sheet--I kept the flat sheet to make a table cloth out of because I love the colors so much. I made the bias tape out of an old bedskirt. I love the combination so much. Hold me back or we'll have another t-shrirt pants incident with this fabric (which might not be so bad).

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