Monday, August 25, 2008


I couldn't resist. I made a doll quilt for Bella. All she needs is a doll bed (which is in the making). It never fails, I always pick the worst material in the world for quilt binding and this time was no exception. I love the color and the texture, but I wasn't expecting it to stretch so much when I was sewing...even at the loosest tension. Oh well.

I particularly like the quilting...little loop-di-loops. I think it makes it a little more whimsical and kid-sy despite the grown-up patterns.

I also got the duvet cover and pillow cases that I ordered from ebay (it's the Ikea set I've been looking at). These will be cut up to make a queen-sized quilt for Bella once I can fully decide on the pattern and the fabrics.

(Ignore the shadow image--the print on the other size is showing through)

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