Saturday, August 9, 2008

Room Makeover

No, not my room. Bella's room. Soon she will be getting a "big girl's" bed--how soon will all depend on Abel. The estimate I received a few days ago was February (AHHH!). (Patience should have been one of my New Year's resolutions.

Anyway, I've been thinking about Bella's bedding. Since Abel is making the bed, I thought I would make her quilt. The problem is that her bed is going to be a queen size--we decided on a larger bed so that the playhouse underneath will be bigger, to accommodate sleep overs (are we thinking about that already?!), and for guests (who wouldn't love to slide down a slide first thing in the morning?). Unfortunately, all of the cutesy bedding only comes in twin sizes.

I've fallen in love with this print from Ikea:

I think we'll have to add some bright green and red to it and re-fashion it into a queen size quilt using that print as the main print and inspiration. It's really cheap (only $14), but our Ikea (which is like 20 miles away) is SOLD OUT and it isn't availble online and no one is selling it on ebay. :o(

I'll have to keep my eyes open!

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