Monday, August 17, 2009

Two Year Old For Sale

Today was my first day on my own with Bella and Noah. We had to take Bella to dance today and it took 45 minutes just to get ready to leave. Aside from Bella constantly trying to feed Noah cheerios and play food, the morning went relatively well (especially considering she didn't wake up until 11:00).

Since I'd only fed her a cheese sandwich and I had only eaten noodles, we went to McDonald's as a treat after dance. All was well...

...until dinner at Pei Wei with Daddy and some of the guys Daddy works with. That's when Bella continually refused to sit and, since I was holding Noah, she would run just out of my reach. After hitting me, she then threw a tiny deck of cards at hit me in the head. That's when we decided dinner was over.

Bella is so sweet to Noah--constantly giving him kisses, covering him with blankets, and even checking on him when she accidentally bumps him. Unfortunately she is taking out her frustrations on me. I feel for her, especially knowing that she's more attached to me than she is to Abel, but I'm just not sure how to help her through the transition. I think I need to read some books.

We'll see how tomorrow goes when we go to the store. Good night!

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