Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Things Gained and Some Things Lost

The good news (I think) is that I have lost 22 pounds since having Noah. The bad news is that I have 13 pounds to go. What's interesting is that I'm only 2 pounds off from the weight I was before I had Bella--I actually lost quite a bit of weight after having her...if that tells you anything about her energy level.

I can't start trying to lose weight until after I hit the six week mark. My best guess is that I'll be back to my old self in two to three months. Not too bad!

The other good news is that our offer was accepted on the house. If all goes well (and we are all well aware of our luck at this point), then we will be able to move in a month or sooner. It all depends on when we lock in our rate. We visited the house today and let our future neighbors know the good news.

It's been a while few days since I've posted pictures of Noah. I'll try to take some tomorrow.

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