Monday, August 17, 2009

The House Search Continues

So we found another house that we put an offer on and we're waiting to hear back from the agent. It's an REO and stuck in a 70's time warp. The house is almost 5000 sqft (4,853 sqft to be exact) on a half acre with a pool--this is our kind of "project" house. At one time it must have been a model home because it has a built-in LP and 8 track player (yes, I did say it was built-in). The house features petrified wood banisters and a yellow kitchen sink (with matching bathtubs). Although most of the carpet has been replaced, two closests have still preserved the original orange-green shag carpet. It's a relic.

Anyway, the house has good just have to use your imagination. The pool has since been cleaned and is nice and blue (though still not clear) and the house is clean.

The pictures with the blue carpet show the downstairs area. It has it's own bedroom, living room (with bar and fireplace), bathroom, and laundry room. When we spoke with the neighbors, they indicated most people on that street converted that area to a granny flat. It's separate from the rest of the house and has its own private entrance. Nice and cool down there with REALLY high ceilings and walks out to the pool and patio. That's a pretty nice granny flat!

Bella's "play room" is going to be the tiled sun room off of the living room. We're just debating about whether we will put my sewing stuff in there as well. Since you can see it from the living area, I'd have to keep it really tidy...that's an issue. We may have to put some curtains in that corner or something! :o)

Although it looks like it's right on the street, part of that is just the angle that the picture was taken (although the house does sit pretty close to the street). The street only has a few houses--we were outside talking with the neighbors for two hours and only saw two cars drive by so it's definitely a quiet street. With a screaming two-year-old, I think we're going to be the loudest family around.

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marcus said...

Wow it's huge! Is that a koi I see in the pond? ;)