Thursday, March 19, 2009

Preparations and Organization

So I found this wonderfully fun fabric to go with the space fabric. Part of me wonders if it needs something simply pieced with a lot of white on the other side, but I just loved this fabric so much that I don't really care! :o) They both have the same retro-feel. It'll be really cute when it's done.

This fabric is for baskets for Noah's room. To keep his diapers and wipes and later, his toys. The left and bottom fabric are for the outside (it'll be patchwork) and the stripes fabric is the lining. The linen fabric is for the bottom. (And no, these fabrics weren't actually designed to go together, though they all match so perfectly! I actually started with the lining fabric and built it from there.)

This is for Bella's Baskets. The left and bottom fabric are for the outside--patchwork again. The bunny toille is the lining and the linen is the bottom.

In case you can't picture it, this is what the baskets will look like.

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