Sunday, March 15, 2009

Parenting is Not for the Weak at Heart

...Or Stomach.

After a full day of shopping (I needed a dress for a meeting next week), I decided to reward Bella with a trip to the tot lot--the little kids playground in our complex. It's rare that we go because I prefer to walk there and its a 15 minute walk. Since Bella has to go potty ever hour, we have to watch the time very closely to ensure she doesn't play longer than a half hour, otherwise we end up in a predicament walking home.

Bella had played for about 10 minutes when she announces she needs to go poo-poo. I tell her to come quickly so we can go home when I notice her walk is slow and her legs are sprawled. We're too late. Since I have nothing to change her with, we head home--she walks/runs and I push the stroller.

We're almost home when I notice that the neighbor's dog had an accident on the sidewalk and wasn't cleaned up. This is a minor annoyance since we were constantly accused of not cleaning up after Elvis. A few steps later, I notice another accident. Then I see Bella's shoe which has poo on the side and suddenly realize the poo is FALLING OUT!! AHHH!! YUCK!!

Straight to the bathtub she went! Unfortunately Abel was traveling today, so he wasn't there to assist, but all seasoned moms know that the worst parenting tasks always fall to mom. All seasoned moms also know how to remain calm in the worst scenarios and also how to the humor in a bad situation. To all moms out there, your afternoon couldn't have been worse than mine! Anyway, I need to go outside with a doggy bag--to clean up after my kid!

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