Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a BOY!!

I was RIGHT! I knew we were having a boy. I was so certain, when the ultrasound tech initially told us she couldn't tell, it didn't bother me (too much). But we were able to get some good pictures...and it's definitely a boy!

The baby is just over 18 weeks, so we are almost half way. My due date is August 8th and the baby is measuring right on time--based on the baby's measurements, he is due on August 7th.

It's much easier to see the ultrasound photos when someone is sitting there explaining them to you, so I'll try to walk you through them as best as I can.

This is the baby's spine. He's nice and limber now--kind of like the spine of a lizard. You can see how he can curl up so easily! Can you see his legs straight out pushing against my tummy?

Here the baby is facing away from the photo. The head is on the left and body on the right. You can see he has his right arm on his face.

This is a nice profile shot. You can see his mouth is open and his hand is on its way in. Who do you think he looks like? Any guesses on hair color?

Here you can see the head on the right. The baby is curled up and you are looking down on top of the head, with the legs on the left.

High five from the little baby. He spent a lot of time sucking his thumb and with his hands on his face (which is why we didn't get a very good frontal photo of the face), but here you can clearly see the hand. And yes, he has 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Here's the money shot. It's a boy!

Abel was much more interested in the heart rate than anything else. So I posted this one especially for him. The heart rate was 144 beats per minute--within the normal range.

Here's a picture of the feet. It's a little hard to tell because he was so active and wouldn't leave his feet in one spot. The feet are upside down in the photo.

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