Monday, March 23, 2009

Bella's New Roommate

The newest addition to our family is a beautiful handsome weimaraner pup. He hasn't quite been named yet, but we're thinking of Gunner--because he's gun-metal gray and he'll grow up to be very fast. Abel still wants to see more of his personality to ensure "Gunner" is a good fit for him, but he certainly seems like a Gunner...

We're having him sleep with Bella in the hopes that they will form a strong bond in the coming months before Noah is born. We know the adjustment will be difficult for her because she is so energetic and needy loving, but we're hoping that Gunner will help keep her occupied.

Bella is learning some important lessons with Gunner--especially with sharing. Gunner has a handful of toys so she's learning not to take his toys away from him. She's also learning that when we pick up Gunner, we wrap our arms around his tummy, not his neck. Gunner doesn't seem to mind. He just likes the attention.

Maybe it's the pregnancy, but I think it's amazing to see our family really unfold. With the addition of Gunner and Noah (in August), and buying a house, it feels like we're finally at the place in life that we've been aiming for.

Welcome little Gunner!

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