Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Names and Nursery Ideas

We both agree that the baby's name will be Noah, which I think is perfect. Noah means "peacemaker" which is exactly what he'll need to be with his hotheaded redheaded sister.

The middle name is a little tougher. I originally really liked "Jacob", but Abel's not a fan. As an alternative, I've become attached to "Gabriel" and Abel isn't opposed (which is a step up). I like the ties between Gabriel being the angel who told Mary she was pregnant with baby Jesus and Isabella being born on Christmas. "Gabriel" means "Man of God" or "God's able-bodied one".

Any other ideas?

I've been trying to figure out a nursery theme and the more pictures I look at, the more I like just a simple, vintage nursery. Filled with old-timey toys and blocks--I especially like the bedding set with the ABCs/animals (of course I would, it's by Pottery Barn!). It'll be something I'll piece together over the next few months with a lot of trips to Good Will and the local thrift stores...maybe even some ebaying.

And isn't it only natural that baby Noah would be surrounded by animals? :o)

Here are some ideas I was thinking of. I like that it's not to theme-ish and is something that'll grow from infant to toddler.

Your thoughts?

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