Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sometimes it's quiet around here

but it's usually not good. Not good at all. And it usually ends in someone yelling (me) and someone crying in bed (Bella) and someone being banished to the kennel (Bella) (Gunner).

When it's quiet, something's goin' down.

I peaked around the fireplace to investigate and this is what I found. Bella grabbed a row of crackers and started feeding Noah. She's been asking if he wants cheerios ever since we brought him home from the hospital, but he finally has the teeth to eat them (kinda). But not by himself. That's the rule. But if you're three, rules are more like guidelines.

It's almost as though Noah know's he's been caught. He loves trying out his new teeth on anything and everything. Especially fingers. And Bella's toys. And important papers. But not junk mail. He's picky like that.

He definitely takes after his daddy with his bite sizes (now if he's looking like that with a brownie or cupcake, that's more my genes).

Don't let the innocent looks of these three fool you. They're up to no good. Always. Notice how Gunner is laying down. He's not really behaving. He's waiting until the two of them scurry away. Then he'll have a feast. Notice how Noah's looking like he's wanting something better (like a cupcake) and how Bella's ready to run to his rescue (and get a cupcake for herself too). I have my hands full.

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