Monday, February 1, 2010

My Sewing Room

While Abel was away in Virginia on a business trip, I decided I would set my sewing room up. Since Abel loves the paint sprayer (which takes WAY too long to set up), I decided I would paint my room quickly before he got back so there would be no confusion on the best approach to painting.

I went with a color that I call Pistacio Ice Cream (I think Behr calls is celery sprig or something like that...Pistacio Ice Cream is a better description). At first I was a little put off by how bright it is, but now I love it. I feel so inspired when I see the room...that and I want to keep putting stuff on the walls. It's a little bare.

I still need to put in the new outlets, light switches, and reinstall the intercom, but that'll come this weekend in time.

I especially love my dress form. I FINALLY got to take it out to use display. It really makes it look like a sewing room. Kinda professional-looking!

When Abel was buying my furniture for the sewing room (two shelves, two tables, two chairs, and a filing cabinet for less than $100) he also saw this conference room table that we're putting temporarily in the dining room. It'll go in the garage in a few years when Abel builds us a new table. I *heart* craigslist!

Noah's two bottom teeth broke through this weekend, so he immediately fell asleep when I got home. Isn't he so cute?

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