Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bella's Room

Bella's room is coming together...slowly. I painted her room turquoise which I LOVE. I wanted something fun but not too obnoxious. Abel would have selected pink, but honestly seeing pink and princesses all day long and then to see it at night is a little much. The color was a Behr color that I had them add a little more honey so it's more of a "custom" color. This little nook here used to have a desk and a shelf built in but the desk was HIDEOUS. Aweful. (Ignore the patch of popcorn ceiling that was underneath the shelf. I need to scrape that as well!)

So we demo'd the desk and were surprised to find a mouse hole (we've sprayed our house many times over...if that doesn't get rid of mice, don't tell me any differently.) and we learned that there was no carpet under the desk. We'll also replace all the outlets and switches to white. (Add that to the "honey-do" list.)

I salvaged the upper shelf and am painting it white. It'll serve as a bookshelf and will cover one section of missing carpet. I'll either put a rug and bean bag chair to cover the other section or put her dresser there. Either way, you'll notice that there's a little light on the wall (that we'll replace) and it'll be sweet as either a reading light or a light above the dresser (you know, in case she decides to change at night or something...sometimes things are more for decoration). I'll probably but a mirror below the light if I put the dresser there.

It's a work in progress. We still have to do the ceiling but hey, at least we're making progress!

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