Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our New Couch

This is our new couch that sometimes I look at and think I should have gotten the other one--but every time I sit in it, I fall in love with it again. To me it looks a little formal right now, but I think it's because our other couch just looked so...sad. I look at our old couch now and think it's a surviver. It survived years with Abel in college playing games like "how many people can fit on this glorified loveseat", two infants and Bella learning to drink without a lid (Abel thought she could start that when she was 18 months...I still put the spill proof lid on her cup) and potty training. If there were a cancer/war ribbon for couches, this one deserves it. That's why we're going to move him into the play room or retire him downstairs. He deserves a break.

You'll have to excuse the mess in our living room. We're trying to figure out what-goes-where. Even though Abel has an office devoted solely to him, he still puts his two laptops in the living room. Eventually we want to get to arm or wing chairs and ottoman to put in front of the fireplace, but for now, we have the glider. It looks a little wimpy in comparison to the couch.

You'll also notice the paint colors on the wall. I'm pretty indecisive. I need the color to be perfect.

I still like this color (this isn't our house...just a picture I found a long time ago) but it's a benjamin moore color and I need it to be in Behr because I need the built-in primer for our walls (they were painted high gloss). Home Depot (who carries Behr) won't color match someone else's paint sample. So I just need to figure out what color that is in the Behr line. It's a process.

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