Saturday, February 6, 2010

Entry Way

I really wanted a hall tree to put in our entry way, but Abel insists that he had one as a kid and they never used it. (No matter HOW much I insist that I will use it, there's no convincing him!) Then I found THIS from Ikea (only $99!!) and decided I HAVE to have it. Our entryway would look great with two of these side-by-side with a wide mirror above (you know, like a hall tree). Then all of our shoes could fit in there (hopefully). We could put pictures and candles and all sorts of junk decorative pieces on the top of the shoe-dresser-thingy. I LOVE it!

And I could still put a bench across from it. Then it's like a hall tree but broken up.

Now all I have to do is convince the hubby. Maybe I'll just start leaving my shoes where my hall tree shoe cabinet will go. :o)

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