Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Do List

I started thinking about all the projects I have to do in the comming months. By "comming months", I mean, before Halloween and Christmas (my two mile stones). I started thinking about which order I was going to do things and then all the projects started flooding in. To keep things (and my thoughts) a little more organized, I thought I would start To Do List.

1. Bella's Halloween Costume including:
blue gingham dress
red corduroy cape with lining (lining fabric to be determined)
pennifore with hand embroidery
(And this is just number ONE!!)
2. Halloween table runner
3. Christmas table runner
4. Present for a one year old (I'll show you when I'm done)
5. Felt play food (I've already done the fruit, ham, cheese, and pita)
6. Doll clothes for a 12" and 16" cabbage patch doll including
western ware (for the 16") and baby clothes (for the 12")
7. Christmas present for mom (fabric ordered)
8. Katie (fabric ordered)
9. Dad
10. Justin (if he's good)
11. Mark (he's never good...haha)
12. Abel's parents (already planned)
13. Sarah and John (mostly planned)
14. Josh and Amber (kinda planned)
15. Apron for Bella
16. Queen sized quilt for Bella (there's a reason why this was last... *sigh*)--My
saving grace is that Abel probably won't finish her bed until after Christmas so
I have a littl more time. Did I mention I wanted to make several different

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Kaia said...

Good going.. I too love Halloween projects.