Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Before and After

Last Night (Notice the brown pillow on the floor to catch little falls)

This afternoon--snack time

Someone didn't sleep much last night...actually, that makes two of us. Bedtime was a 8:00 and I anticipated about an hour or so of difficulties of going to sleep. When I walked into her room, the horrid feeling hit me that I didn't really know how to approach the whole situation--the kind of feeling that hit day 1/panty 1 of potty training. Every few minutes Bella would walk out of her room. Until atleast 11:00 when I decided to put up the baby gate and go to bed.

Admittedly, I tried locking her door from the outside. I was pretty proud of my thinking and went to relax on the couch, but it only took a few seconds before I heard the "click" and knew she was coming out. I tried holding the door knob thinking she would just give up. Once she started knocking, I started laughing (and could hear her laughs from behind the door), I knew that wasn't going to work. An hour into it I decided to take her binky away when she got up. So the next time she opened the door, she handed me her binky. I laid on her floor. Cuddled with her. The whole 9 yards.

I was talking with a girl at work today about last night. I explained how I kind of expected this would happen and am sure it'll be over in a week or so. After that, she'll probably go right to sleep like she did in her crib. She said her kids did this until they were 3. Hmmm. Only 16 months to go.

On a side note, the picture of Bella last night was with all of the lights off and her curtains closed. Our new flash is pretty powerful. I think I need a diffuser or a soft box--I would have liked to still be able to tell it was night! Amazing flash, though, huh?

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