Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Pinafore

It's been a productive weekend already. I originally planned to make Bella full pennifore for her Halloween costume, but then I started to *really* like the embroidery I was doing on the bottom and thought it was a shame she would only wear it once. So I decided to change it to a half apron. She can wear it with her Halloween costume and later, she can use it with her kitchen (notice all the red'll match perfectly) Bella will be the only kid I know that has an apron to match her kitchen.

I also basted a few inches down the top, so later this can be much longer and she can wear it for years to come. It's also REALLY wide (it almost goes all the way around her), so when she goes to collect candy for me trick-or-treating she'll have to twirl so everyone can get the full effect. I especially like the apple tree and the cute little stick figures (makes the wolf not look so intimidating).

Notice the polka-dotted ties.

On a side note, I finished a pair of panties for my old cabbage patch doll Bella's doll as well as a little sleeper. Oh, and the cutest hat in the world for Bella. Pictures will follow.

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