Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fruit Salad

This is the first of Bella's play food--I'm definitely getting a head start on Christmas this year since I wanted to make a lot of things. So I made 6 of each of the kiwi and banana slices. I'm not completely happy with the banana slices, but you can still tell what they are (I think) so they'll do for now.

I also wanted to share these pictures of Bella in her cute little out from Meme (or is it Mimi? I forgot how we decided to spell it).

Bella likes to squat down when she's interested in something. Here she's watching the baby bunnies (which she calls "puppy").

Her eyes are still a beautiful shade of blue. I wanted to try and capture that (battling with the lighting and a running toddler) in a photo. Here she's looking at an airplane (which she calls "bird") so I tried to get above her to take the photo, but the angle came out wrong. Still, you get the contrast of her red hair, the green grass, and the blue eyes.


imjacobsmom said...

From one Robyn to another - your daughter's adorable!

robyns_song said...

Thank you so much! I claim all the "cute" genes. Haha! Just kidding--her hair and eyes definitely come from my husband.