Wednesday, February 27, 2008



I used some garlic sour dough bread, tomato basil pesto, munster cheese, smoked turkey, and a cold tomato.

First, butter the bread on the outside portion, then apply the tomato basil pesto, add the cheese and turkey, then put it on a pan. The trick to making paninis versus hot sandwiches (ie grilled cheese) is that you use a large pan/pot filled with water to set on top of the sandwiches to squish them down while you are grilling them. Keep the stove on a medium-high heat for munster cheese--if you have a harder cheese, you may need to use a lower temperature. Of course, you'll want to have the pan hot before you put your sandwich on so it'll get nice and crispy. This will give you the nice squished/crunchy effect. Flip once it's golden. Then cut them in half and put in a tomato slice. Awesome. We've eaten them the past few nights (I've been on a panini kick).

Even Bella loves these. (She also loves her sugar-free girl scout chocolate chip cookies. I think I need to stock up on those for the year--who knew girl scouts did sugar free cookies?)

Serve with the paninis with green tea and tomato soup or pirate's booty (Trader Joe's white cheese puffs).

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