Monday, February 25, 2008

Easter Dress

Bella will model this dress for the first time on Easter, but I'll let you peek at the dress until then (a little appetizer). I heart the coat--the lining matches her dress. It's hard to see, but there's only two buttons on the top, so when she wears it, you'll see her little dress peaking through.
Also, if anyone is interested in a new idea that would make them a million one carries little Easter hats for toddlers. The smallest size I could find at 4T, so I bought her this little floppy hat. Not that she really wears hats long anyway, but you can't have an Easter dress without an Easter hat.
I also picked up the shoes from Target. They match really well and I think they'll be very comfortable for her. I wanted to find some cute little sandals, but I looked at a couple of stores and they looked terribly uncomfortable--some even had heels! I'm very pleased with these shoes, though. Cute cute!

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