Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Fun

We're on the hunt for a stove top, microwave, vent, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and an air compressor. Being the bargain hunter that I am (and the amount of items taht we have to buy), I decided to try a few garage sales this weekend.

Unfortunately the people at the first garage sale had some great items but needed a reality check in their pricing.

The second sale was at a beautiful multi-million dollar home. People were lined up outside the house a half hour before they started and all of the items we needed were snatched up before I could get kid #2 out of the car.

While we were inside snooping looking at housewares, I heard Bella screach "Oh my gosh!". Immediately I turned around worried she had broken something and I noticed her eyeing this dress.

The proportions are wrong (especially since it is supposedly size 6), but Bella loves it regardless. It'll made a good play dress or a nice decoration on display in her room.

I also found some linens--most will be used on her bed since they are girly flowers and mismatched (Bella said they were "so cute"). I ended up with two sets of sheets and seven pillow cases for $3.

I also purchased ten towels and two towel-like bath mats for $1.25. Although they aren't necessarily colors I would have chosen and they don't really match, we have four bathrooms to stock so these will work beautifully for now.

We'll see what next weekend brings...

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