Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Rare Sighting at the Parade

Bella was in the Poway Days parade with her dance class. Since the kids in the 2-3 year-old classes were too young to walk and dance in the parade, they rode in wagons pulled by the dads. It was Bella's dream--pink shirts, fluffy bows, purple ribbons, metalic pom-poms all enjoyed in the comfort of her wagon (which was made extra-comfortable with the donation of my pillow).

Noah also participated by riding in the jogging stroller (which I was pleased to learn fit the car seat nicely).

Lurking behind us was a sight rarely seen in California--a San Diegan Cowboy. Complete with hat, jean shorts, and John Deere boots. You have to love the dimple. That's one cute cowboy.

Bella enjoyed the goats and we were glad we didn't have to step over goat poop. Like every parade, the horses were in the front, so we already had our fill of land mines to leap over.

Now is that a true dad or what? Holding the sippy cup, pom-pom, and pulling a purple wagon with a pink kid. One sexy beast. :)

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