Monday, March 10, 2008

The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet

No, no, we're not having a baby; we're housesitting for my in-laws who have tile floors. Just by listening to her bare feet against the floors, you can tell a lot about what she's thinking and doing without actually being able to see Bella.

A constant pitter-patter is great. It means she's occupied and not getting into anything. She's usually headed back to her toys or following the dogs. It's the slow pitter-patter followed by a quick-quick-quicker steps and then a giggle that's worrysome. It usually means she's about to get into something she knows she wouldn't be able to if you could actually see her. It's the slow-slow-silence that's the most concerning. It usually means stairs, drawers, trash, or toilet--I'm not even sure which is the best. I think my favorite, though, is when she walks around aimlessly slow-slow then squeals and runs with her arms stretched out wanting to be picked up.

Just looking at her today I was thinking about how much she's grown in such a short amount of time. She hasn't quite mastered "Mommy"--I think because she never needs to say it. I follow her around and play with her constantly when I'm home--she can't get rid of me. Sometimes she'll say "Mamamama" but she usually just comes and sits on my lap.

When I ask her where Daddy is, she holds her hand by her ear (her sign for Daddy), yells "Daddy" and looks for closed doors to bang on. Sometimes she sqeals "Dada" in a high-pitched playful voice. Cute cute. I think this is my favorite age. I say that every month. Her personality is really starting to show through.

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