Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flea Market Finds

So today we went to a Swap Meet with baby/toddler items. Even though we got there an hour after it started (I heard you need to get there right when if opens, if not earlier, to get the really good stuff), we still got some great finds. We spent a total of $24 and got the following...

We're headed to Colorado for Christmas, so finding a snow suit for Isabella was a priority. I'm sure she'll be excited about it when she's old enough to wear it (in a few months). We also got her a few sweaters and pants. Total on clothes: $8.

We got this little chair for Bella to sit on while we are all in the living room--she's always trying to get up on the couch. It needs to be reupolstered--I was thinking brown corderoy so it'll go with our couch but will still look cute with her Dick and Jane quilt. It's still up-in-the-air as to whether I'm going to do it or if we'll take it to the little upolstry shop by Joann's...I guess it won't hurt to get a quote. Chair: $3.

This little Winnie the Pooh rug will go in her room so she can play with cars and trains. I'll post pictures of her room in the coming weeks--it's undergoing a little transformation (very little). Rug: $12.

This was our favorite find. It's an old metal fire engine with plastic fenders. It's missing the bell and needs to be repainted/recromed, but we may end of fixing it up for a Christmas present. We got it for $7!

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