Sunday, March 2, 2008

'Nilla Mesa

Isabella and I went shopping with some friends yesterday in Mira Mesa. We were looking for an Easter dress for me--which we found. It's very cute and Abel loves it. After visiting Dress Barn and Marshalls, we decided to have lunch at Jollibees. If you've never heard of Jollibees, you're not alone. Apparently they are big in the Phillipeans--the cashier said they are like a McDonald's there. We loved the decor and the big mural of orientals feeding eachother Jolly Crispy Fries in a cramped car.

I got the Palabok Fiesta which had two hardboiled eggs, three shrimp, and some sort of beef sauce over these cooked rice-noodles. (I think Isabella's face says it all, but how can you go to a place like this an just order something that's half-way normal?) I've never seen so many different meats combined together in one dish. The dish had brown sugar sprinkled on top to give it some crunch and then you're supposed to dump lime juice on top (which definately helped it out a little). Isabella ordered a Juicy Yumburger with some Jolly Crispy Fries, and our friend ordered Crispy Chicken Joy which came with rice and gravy. They also had combos where you could get spaghetti with a chicken strip on the side (they all had creative names as well, but I can't remember what they were, unfortunately.

Then, our friend needed to go get some Boba (the big tapioca balls that are in oriental drinks). So we decided to try this oriental market. I'm not sure what it was called because the sign on front just said "Seafood" in big letters. It was amazing! They had live fish in buckets and you could just pick them out with some tongs and bring them home for dinner. Isabella was intrigued at first but once she realized the were still jumping, she started to get concerned.

I took the pictures on my phone, so they are a little smaller in size than usual, however it works great in a jam. I definately think I need a little pocket-sized camera to carry in the diaperbag so I can better share our adventures. Maybe later...

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