Thursday, June 21, 2007

Isabella's stripes

I initially had the idea that I would knit Isabella a pair of leg warmers. "Leg warmers?" you say "in the summer?" Why yes, of course. What else would protect sensative knees from getting carpet burn?

Anyway, the only problem with knitting Isabella a pair of leg warmers was that I don't know how to knit. Now, in my head, I could knite fabulously complicated and delicate leg warmers...but reality is a little different. So, I decided that I would make them out of those cute little socks that you see at the store all the time and wonder where you could ever wear them to...well, crawling certainly seems like the appropriate occasion to wear pink and purple stripes or jumping chickens.

I made them while Isabella was asleep and it was very tempting to just wake her up to try them on but then I remembered that I would prefer to sleep at night instead. So I had to wait until this afternoon. I definately wasn't disappointed. This she started to use her foot as a telephone...

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