Monday, June 18, 2007

Return to Reality

We just got back from seeing my family and I have to say that it went by all too fast. We did, however, come back with a few wonderful finds. Including a .410 Snake Charmer, a 20 gague Shotgun, some vintages hankies, an old tablecloth, new fabric, a wooden train set, and a palm tree from by Grandparent's farm (among other things).

Some of the highlights of the trip included Bella's Baptism, my younger brother's confirmation, my cousin's wedding, a five generation picture, playing with the calves and donkeys, swimming, shopping, and vising with my family. It was absolutely perfect.

I held up great on my goodbye's at the airport, but (of course) lost it just before we landed. Creating a scene on the plane with quiet sobs...begging to go know, the usual. I'm sure people on the airplane were thinking that either I'd completely lost it or that I wasn't medicated like I should have been before I got on the airplane. Bella actually held up better than I did. She slept and played the entire flight. I couldn't have asked for a better baby.

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