Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wet Paint

I'm almost embarrassed to show you, but here are some pictures of what we've been up to this weekend. Painting.

We removed the ugly curtain that was here when we moved in. Not only was it an eye sore, but it collected 10 years worth of dust on the ledge. We also discovered the one thing that was updated in this out before we moved in...the wall paper was removed (kinda). We found that in some areas they just painted over the yellow velvet (yes, it was textured) flower wall paper. I was so excited to find it was (mostly) removed. I removed most of what was left and textured over the rest.

And yes, that was me on the ladder.

It's hard to tell the color because of the light, but you can best see it in the last picture of the foyer (also recently painted...and updated with new light fixtures). I still have a ways to go on the painting, but you get the idea.

Ignore the mess. It's only temporary (I hope).

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