Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Acquisitions

Abel's parents are getting new furniture and gave us some of their old pieces (since our house is so anemic right now). I have to say though that it certainly made a big difference in our house--it feels a little more lived-in.

(Ignore the bad pictures--I didn't mess around with the lighting...)

We didn't add anything to the bar but a few weeks ago I reorganized it so it looks so much better. I wish it didn't have the glass behind it because it really takes away from our glassware, but oh well! Another project for another day!!

We haven't put the doors on the china cabinet yet but we'll get them up today (my mom really wanted to see pictures ASAP). But the size is really great for our space...and so is the table. It's much larger than the table we had there before. Someday we'll get a larger table but this works great in the mean time.
My grandmother's secretary had to find a new home. It's here for now but I'm not 100% certain it's the perfect spot. I love this secretary because my brother and I used to play in it when we were little--my grandmother kept skeleton keys in the drawers (I'm sure she's always wondered why they always disappeared).
This is a couch that Abel's parents kept in their formal living area. It looks much nicer than the old couch that was here (Gunner's couch) so we moved Gunner's couch to the playroom and placed this one here for now. When we get a seating area in front of the fire place, we will remove this couch all together (and probably move it to the downstairs in front of that fireplace).
My brother and his wife graciously gave us this bed as well. We put it in Bella's room for now until we get a new bed to put there (our neighbor has a white twin sleigh bed that they are going to give her in the next few months). This bed will then graduate into Noah's room or the downstairs guest room.
Here's the coffee table that we gave Abel's parents one time (since they severely needed a table)--they are now ordering a coffee table for their house so we took this one back but it needs some TLC (again, another project). The color goes with our couch a little better and this one is a little taller, so we moved the other table to (you guessed it) Gunner's couch in the playroom.
And finally, this buffet belongs with the dining set, but we badly needed something in our entry way, so I borrowed it to place under the clock. The clock now seems a little high but maybe it'll look better when I add some pictures and (maybe) a lamp to the buffet.

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