Sunday, April 26, 2009

I knew I would know it when I saw it

This little guy was helping me with laundry this morning. Isn't he so sweet?

So, I didn't see it, but when I was looking for embroidery designs, I found the perfect little set for the nursery. For the bedding, I decided on this little woodland forest theme with cutesy hedgehogs, squirrels, mushroom, trees, acrons, and leaves.

The patterns are applique, so I'm going to use brown corduroys and fabrics, but hints of bright green, orange, and turqouise. The bumper will be all white with just the appliques and the bedskirt will be this perfectly simple light brown/dark beige fabric with white polka-dots. Here are a fabrics I found myself buying lately and realized they all have a common theme--which lead to the design. I love the touch of red in the tiny little mushroom!

This was actually my favorite fabric. It'll coordinate SO well with the bright green chairs (assuming we get the house and they still leave the furniture for us). It'll be a lap blanket and/or a throw pillow on the chair.

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