Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Trip to the Park

I have to say these were actually taken a few weeks ago, I just completely forgot about posting them. Regardless, these were probably some of my favorite pictures of the spring so far.

We took Bella to the park and took off her socks and shoes so she could walk better. She wasn't a big fan of the sand and actually stood on one foot for a while so avoid having her feet in it. So I placed her in the middle of the sand in the shade (so the sand was really cool on her feet) and she just started laughing. You know how cameras go, you can never take the picture fast enough to truly capture the moment...she actually started giggling and covered her mouth with her hands. Her shrugged shoulders with her laugh reminded me of her Uncle Justin.

Regardless, she still wasn't a big fan of the sand. That is, until the right motivation came along. A two year old little boy came along and was coaxing her across the sand. They walked off hand-in-hand.

He actually was handing her little things that he found on the ground and showing her leaves and little "treasures". One of these little "treasures" must have grossed her out because it caused her to shiver.

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