Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Sweetpod Baby Carrier

Just ignore the pictures--I had an assistant photographer today :o)
Noah just loves being held and even though he's still so small, he's now reaching for everything. It makes cooking and working on simple projects not to simple. It's more like an obsticle course for both me and him.
I made this Sweetpod Baby Carrier from a pattern by Seedpod Craft ( I like it because you can wear it in front or on your back.
And it has a cute sleeping hood that will shade him from the sun (if he'll fall asleep). The sleeping hood fits in a hidden pocket. Also perfect for stashing keys.
The fabric is by Echino, a Japanese designer. It was a splurge, but you just don't seem to find fabrics in the US with similar murals or patterns.

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