Monday, June 15, 2009

Colors, Colors, Colors

In an *honest* attempt to distract myself from the stress of our messed up escrow, I decided to get back to focusing on paint colors and other things that need to be decided so that we can move in.

I was going full steam on picking out colors until this whole ordeal occurred. Since we're ready to close on a moment's notice, it's best to be prepared with our paint choice, right?

It's so hard to chose a color without seeing it on the walls first...but once it goes on the walls, it's staying (it's a Catch 22) so I'm working on trying to determine what our taste is.

I really like the color Artichoke Heart by Benjamin Moore, but I'm trying to decide if it's too dark. It'll be the main color around the main level, so I better like it! The problem with it is that it looks nice a bright during the day, but looks a little dark at night.

(It's the color of the bedroom wall)

See what I mean? It transforms!

You can also see it on a bathroom wall here: (the picture wouldn't save since it was on flickr)

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