Saturday, October 18, 2008

Has it been one year?

Happy Birthday to the triplets. Has it been one year since they were born? Three girls. Wow. Their birthday party is today (Bella's second birthday party attend) so we went shopping yesterday and bought them mega block legos, pants (3), shirts (3), hats (3), and side walk chalk. Admittedly it was really strange (and difficult) to find three outfits that aren't identical but go together. I went with plain colord tops and bottoms (partially because it added up quickly and partially because it was so difficult to find three coordinating outfits--two is easy, but not three).

Like the bag? I decided not to put their names on it so that they could reuse it. I thought I could do either their names or "Happy Birthday", otherwise it can't really be reused. Since we're in a "reuse" mode, I went with a handkerchief instead of tissue--total on the bag and hankie? $2.75! Not only is it is cuter than a paper bag, it's cheaper and reusable!

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