Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday Plans

We're going to the zoo tomorrow and someone special needed an outfit for the occasion. This extra-sleepy panda was just looking for a warm place to lay his head. Won't he and Bella have the best adventures and naps (...hopefully) together?

It looks great from a distance, but please don't look at it up close! I wanted to make a stencil using freezer paper, but I've gone to four stores and can't find any (just an FYI, freezer paper has wax on one side while wax paper has it on both). So I had to make the stencil on wax paper and just hold it in place as opposed to ironing. Then, I realized that I'm not sure where my paint brushes are...they must be packed away in a box somewhere. So I had to use a popcicle stick and a toothpick to fill in the stencil. Anyway, please don't enlarge the picture! :o)

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